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Outstanding garden and grounds management and maintenance

Rewild Horticulture stands as a premier provider of garden and grounds maintenance and management services, delivering excellence to medium and large garden clients in the regions of North and West Yorkshire.

Botanical Garden

Our Services

Garden management and maintenance 


General ongoing maintenance 

Our Lantra trained staff excel in providing a comprehensive range of garden maintenance services. From precise hedge cutting and specialist tree and shrub management to meticulous lawn care and effective hardscape solutions, we ensure that every aspect of your outdoor space is expertly tended to with skill and precision.


Specialist plant care

At our core, we are passionate about plants, making us your trusted experts for all things botanical. With a wealth of experience in both landscaping and horticulture, you can rest assured that your garden is in the hands of a team that truly cares. Our commitment to plant care goes beyond expertise; it's a genuine love for cultivating and nurturing the green heart of your outdoor space.


Garden management plans

In catering to larger gardens, we go beyond routine services. Our team will tailor a bespoke garden management plan, guaranteeing a sustainable, long-term strategy for both hard and soft landscaping. Collaborating closely with our horticulturalists, we craft a personalized year-to-year management and development plan that aligns with your vision and ensures the enduring beauty and vitality of your outdoor space.


Water feature and meadow specialists

As a specialized landscape contracting business, we focus on installing captivating elements like wildflower meadows and wildlife ponds. Our expertise extends beyond installation to the long-term care of these unique features. Recognizing the intricacies of managing wildflower meadows and wildlife ponds, we possess the knowledge and skills to get the very best from them, ensuring these elements become enduring, thriving highlights of your garden.

Blooming Garden





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