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Designing a Rewilded Garden

Designing a Rewilded Garden

I always say to clients at the first meeting “how wild do you want to go?” The reality is that our gardens are not wild spaces and if we truly wanted to rewild them in the purist sense we’d have to shut the doors to our gardens and never step foot in them again, remove all human influence upon the space as it were.

Even this in itself is not a guarantee of rewilding as, for better or worse most of us have neighbours, the road runs past the end of our garden or we’re under the flightpath of some major airport.

It's not all bad though!

Rewilding doesn't have to be a purist art form, there aren't really any hard and fast rules, if all you can manage is a little pot of native flowers outside your front door then you are doing your own little bit towards rewilding and helping those natural processes along.

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