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Sustainable, beautiful gardens for people in nature.

Secure your spot now by booking a design consultation for Spring/Summer 2024 garden projects. 

Elevate your outdoor space with our expertise in creating biodiverse and rewilded landscapes.

Embrace the wild with us

The foremost specialists in wildlife and rewilded garden designs and landscaping, we proudly lead the way in North and West Yorkshire.

Transform your outdoor space with our unparalleled expertise

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In 2022, we had the honor of being invited to volunteer as part of the Rewilding Britain Team for their exceptional show garden, "A Rewilding Britain Landscape." This extraordinary project garnered widespread acclaim, earning both an RHS Gold Medal and the prestigious "Best in Show" recognition.



In 2023, The Landscape Academy extended an invitation to us to lead a significant portion of the planting for the acclaimed "Constructing Minds Garden," a collaborative masterpiece designed by Carolyn Harden and Jon Jarvis. This remarkable garden not only secured an RHS Silver Gilt Medal but also clinched the coveted title of "Best Show Garden," marking a milestone in our commitment to excellence and innovation in landscaping.

"Transforming landscapes into thriving ecosystems – where beauty meets biodiversity."

Our expertise lies in crafting gardens of exceptional beauty where conservation and wildlife take center stage.


In each of our projects, we prioritize maximizing biodiversity, enhancing both the quantity and quality of habitats. By promoting natural processes and integrating native planting alongside natural materials, we strive to create gardens that serve as flourishing ecosystems. Our commitment is to not only create visually stunning landscapes but also to contribute to the well-being of local wildlife, fostering a harmonious balance between the curated beauty of a garden and the vibrant, natural world it supports.

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Our team comprises a diverse skill set, including qualified horticulturalists and ecologists, as well as industry-certified landscapers with expertise spanning multiple disciplines. When crafting our designs, we collaborate with soil scientists and partner with local conservation and wildlife agencies. This collaborative approach ensures that our projects have a maximum positive impact on the surrounding ecosystems.

In line with our commitment to environmental stewardship, we are proud supporters of the Yorkshire Rewilding Network, Yorkshire Wildlife Trust, Butterfly Conservation UK, and The Freshwater Habitats Trust. These affiliations reflect our dedication to fostering biodiversity, conservation, and sustainable practices within the local community and beyond.

"Fabulous garden make-over by Ed. Designed for wildlife with ponds, meadows, fruiting trees. Ed is fabulous to work with, is an expert at what he does, and we would recommend him to anyone for this kind of project."

J. D. Fangfoss, York

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