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Experienced, professional and reliable Landscaping contractors


Landscaping contractors

Experienced, professional and reliable Landscaping contractors

Hard Landscape


Within your garden, hard landscape encompasses all the crafted elements, ranging from patios, fences, and decks to retaining walls. Our team of skilled landscapers, well-versed in traditional landscaping practices, collaborates with top-tier manufacturers across the country. Together, we craft exquisite hardscapes that enhance the beauty and functionality of your gardens.

Planting and soft landscaping

A wildlife garden

With a proven track record of contributing to the planting success of multiple award-winning RHS gardens, we bring an unparalleled expertise to the world of plants. At Rewild Garden Design, we stand out as the leading specialists in meadow and native plant schemes tailored for domestic gardens in North and West Yorkshire. Our meticulously crafted plantings are not only designed to showcase spectacular aesthetics but also to maximize benefits for wildlife, promoting biodiversity in every corner of your outdoor space. Trust us to bring the beauty of nature to your doorstep while creating a haven that is both visually stunning and environmentally conscious.

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Our Services

Experienced, professional and reliable Landscaping contractors



Whether it's a wildflower meadow, pondside marginal planting, native woodland, or a formal border, at Rewild Garden Design, we are passionate plant enthusiasts above all else. This passion is vividly reflected in our breathtaking and vibrant plant schemes. Having contributed to award-winning show gardens, our expertise has been praised by clients who describe our plantings as "simply beautiful," "a work of art," and "totally breathtaking." We take immense pride in these accolades and wholeheartedly embrace the artistry and beauty that plants bring to every corner of your outdoor space. Trust us to turn your vision into a living masterpiece.

Decking and Timber structures

Decking and Timber

Harnessing the beauty and durability of sustainably sourced softwoods and hardwoods, we craft exquisite decks and timber structures. Our materials include the warm tones of Thermowood, the timeless strength of Oak, the innovative appeal of composite or the rich hues of Western Red Cedar. With this diverse range, we bring a harmonious blend of aesthetics and sustainability to your outdoor spaces, ensuring that your decks and timber structures stand as both functional and visually stunning elements in your landscape.

Patios and paving


As a part of the London Stone Landscape Specialist Scheme we work with some of the very best manufacturers of paving products in the UK. They also happen to be one of the most environmentally friendly manufacturers as well! Our teams excel in the art of paving, showcasing expertise across a spectrum of materials. Whether it's the timeless appeal of reclaimed Yorkshire Stone, the contemporary elegance of Porcelain, the refined finish of sawn Sandstone, or the enduring charm of Dutch Clay Pavers, we possess the skills and experience to expertly lay a diverse range of paving types. Your vision, coupled with our proficiency, ensures that your outdoor spaces are adorned with precision and style, regardless of the paving material you choose.



Rewild Landscape Contractors proudly stand as some of the premier specialists in natural pond creation across North and West Yorkshire. Our unique approach blends extensive expertise in freshwater ecology, rewilding principles, and habitat restoration with an unwavering passion for ponds, streams, and alluring water features that attract wildlife. The result is nothing short of spectacular—truly stunning garden ponds that seamlessly integrate with the surrounding environment, ​ With a commitment to natural beauty and ecological harmony, we bring a touch of the wild to transform your outdoor spaces into captivating and sustainable habitats.

An outdoor wildlife garden

With a proven track record of contributing to the success of multiple award-winning RHS gardens, we bring an unparalleled expertise to your garden.


A natural pond

"The pond is magnificent and the planting has gone from strength to strength.... The pond is beautiful in every way and a great attractor of wildlife

L. G.  Embsay, N. Yorkshire

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